Since 1989, Breg has provided premium, high-value sports medicine products and business solutions that advance orthopedic patient care. In 2011, we rolled out a new brand identity. Our new brand represents our continued commitment to high quality, service and value, and builds on our strength of taking care of our customers and their patients from every angle. We call this the Breg 360° Customer Care Experience.

360 Customer Care DiagramFrom innovative products, to unmatched service; from tailored business solutions to being a responsive partner, Breg provides company-wide dedication to delivering a 360° customer care experience unmatched in the industry. We illustrate our brand through examples called Breg Stories.

Every Breg Customer Has a Story
People use Breg products to move through life; to go from one activity to another; to do what they love with comfort and confidence. Our products are part of the stories that make up people’s lives.


360 Customer Care FlyerWe’ve been capturing many of these customer and patient experiences, like the one about mountaineer Jeff Gottfurcht.

Jeff has worn Breg braces since his diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in his late 20s. To raise awareness of this condition, particularly in children, Jeff has been climbing the world’s highest mountains to prove that people with RA can fulfill their dreams, however lofty. In 2009, he established the Jeffrey Gottfurcht Children’s Arthritis Foundation ( to help children with arthritis live their own dreams.

In May of 2011, Jeff faced his biggest mountaineering challenge: Mt. Everest. Facing particularly harsh conditions, winds at 50 miles per hour, the death of a teammate during the climb, and temporary blindness in one eye, he became the first person with RA to successfully summit Mt. Everest.  “I couldn’t have done it without my Breg braces,” he says.

We are in awe of Jeff, and humbled by the small role our braces played in his huge accomplishment. We are so pleased to share his inspirational story.

Look for other Breg Stories throughout our website, and on our Breg Stories page. They exemplify our brand promise: 360° Customer Care.

Our Sales Rep Promise to our Health Care Professional Customers

  • I will get back to you immediately, and provide a solution or update within 24 hours.
  • I will be a resource for your practice and get the answers you need, even if that solution goes beyond Breg.
  • I will help improve compliance by giving your patients knowledgeable, responsive and individualized service.
  • Breg and I will do everything possible to overcome any issue, no matter how small.