Breg headquarters in Carlsbad, CaliforniaWe believe that our employees are key to our success.  Since 1989, Breg has enjoyed steady growth, employing a diverse and dedicated team who manufacture and market some of the industry's most admired products.

Our employees take pride in being a part of a world-class team of innovators, and we acknowledge and reward them for their successes. Each Breg employee embodies our cultural beliefs, and demonstrates excellence in everything they do. This commitment to excellence keeps us at the forefront of quality and innovation, enabling us to deliver products and services of the highest value to our customers. 

Breg is based in picturesque North San Diego, California. Our innovative products are widely recognized in the U.S. and International marketplaces. Breg's engineering philosophy stems from the unique design supported by user-friendly features that are competitively priced to meet today's cost-control driven healthcare market. Our management team possesses over 30 industry patents, and we are one of the fastest growing healthcare manufacturers in the nation.

The difference at Breg lies in our company culture and commitment to set new standards by which our customers and competitors take notice.

Cultural Beliefs

  • One Team - I embrace change, effectively communicate, and collaborate to succeed as one team.
  • Own It - I act like an owner and do the right things right.
  • Drive Solutions - I identify and deliver complete solutions to my customers
  • Simplify. - I focus on the few impactful priorities that drive Breg’s key results.
  • Voice It - I courageously seek, offer, and act on feedback.
  • Assume Positive Intent - I cultivate an environment of trust and give people the benefit of the doubt.



The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) Recognizes Companies with Outstanding Achievement in Employee Engagement

The NBRI Circle of Excellence Award recognizes organizations that place a high value on employee engagement and customer satisfaction. These organizations demonstrate their dedication by conducting best-in-class survey research with NBRI and taking action based upon the results. “Employee Engagement drives Financial Performance,” said Dr. Monique Ziebro, Organizational Psychologist at NBRI. “This award is a result of Breg’s dedication to measuring and improving their Employee Engagement.”

To qualify for this honor, the organization must score within Stretch Performance at the 75th benchmarking percentile when measured against their industry, or the organization must improve 5 or more benchmarking percentiles in total company score over the previous research study. Breg has distinguished itself by maintaining Stretch Performance levels for its second consecutive assessment with NBRI.

“We have worked hard to create an attractive work environment for our employees here at Breg,” said Brad Lee, president and CEO. “Our ability to attract great talent and our strong Culture of Accountability have created an atmosphere that fosters employee growth and creates high job satisfaction. We are honored to be recognized for employee engagement by receiving the Circle of Excellence award.”

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