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I wear Breg's PTO® knee brace when I train and when I climb. I could not have reached the peak of Mount Everest without it.

-- Jeff Gottfurcht

Diagnosed with the joint-ravaging disease in 2001, Jeff was told he’d be confined to a wheelchair within a few years. An avid climber, Jeff was determined RA wouldn’t stop him. "RA has been hardest on my knees," Jeff says. "I tried other brace brands, but none of them helped control the pain, or were as comfortable as Breg's PTO knee brace. It is the only brace I trusted to wear on the Everest climb." Ten years after his diagnosis, Jeff conquered Mount Everest. For any of us, climbing the world’s highest mountain would be the final exclamation point of a lifetime. For Jeff, it's just the beginning: he plans to climb the world's highest peaks on all seven continents.
Breg made a donation to the Jeffrey Gottfurcht Children's Arthritis Foundation in exchange for the rights to tell this story.

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