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Whatever you're doing over there, it's Fast and Efficient. Keep it up.

-- Jeff Gunnels, CPO, Midlands P&O

From question to answers in 11 seconds.

"I had just been on hold with another orthopedics company for 11 minutes before they even answered the phone." Jeff says. "Then I called Breg and had a completely different experience. Ursula in Customer Care took my call immediately." Breg Customer Care answers calls, on average, within 11 seconds. If you're tired of automated recordings requiring so many button pushes that you forget why you called in the first place, call Breg. We won't keep you waiting; you've got more important things to do. Our order accuracy and on-time delivery rates are consistently over 99 percent. You get what you ordered, when you expect it. That's world class customer support.

No fee was paid for the use of this testimonial. Customer Care stats from November 2011.