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Fusion is a heck of a product. Our guys don't rotate out of the brace, and it's comfortable. They never want to take it off.

-- Paul Pucciarelli, UNLV Director of Equipment

Six years ago, Paul Pucciarelli, equipment manager for UNLV football, looked into knee bracing for his offensive lineman. "Football is much more aggressive," says Paul. "It was a protective measure."

"We looked at every brace out there," Paul adds. "Fusion was different. It conformed and 'snugged up' to the leg. Other braces gapped and didn't fit well."

"We've had amazing success with Fusion," Paul says. "We have not had a single injury that required surgery – not one," says Paul*. "Now we brace all the linemen and the quarterback; it's just part of our protective gear. The cost is nothing compared to the expense of an injury or knee surgery, and the pain an athlete has to endure."

Fusion will not prevent or reduce all injuries.

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