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A lot of companies talk about the importance of customer input: Breg actually backs it up.

-- Troy Erickson, DO, Duluth, Minnesota

Working together to fix a pressing problem.

When Breg Product Manager Tony Butler set out to build the optimal shoulder brace, he and Breg Engineer James Fout hit the road with a prototype. They gathered direct feedback from surgeons, like Dr. Erickson, and their patients. The end result: the SlingShot™ 3 shoulder brace.

"SlingShot 3 is a huge change," Dr. Erickson says. "Patients who have worn other braces can't believe how good it feels. Because it's comfortable, they wear it, so our outcomes are better."

"The brace addresses problems plaguing surgeons and patients for years," says Tony, "mainly strap pressure on the neck. From direct customer input, we've created an off-loading shoulder brace unlike anything else."

*Not an official product endorsement. Wearer is not a patient. No fee was paid for the use of this testimonial.