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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

People use Breg products to move through life; to go from one activity to another; to do what they love with comfort and confidence. Our products are part of the stories that make up people's lives. Read some of the stories we've captured from patients, customers and even Breg employees.

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Product "How To Use" Videos

View videos on how to apply your brace for the best possible comfort and fit. Have a Breg cold therapy unit? Learn how to operate and care for your Polar Care system.

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Lisa Lewis

Meet the People Behind Breg

Lisa Lewis
Customer Care Lead
Lisa Lewis Meet Lisa Lewis, Customer Care Lead

Meet the People Behind Breg

Hometown: Glendale, CA
Time with Breg: I joined Breg in August 2004
Trained as a legal administrative assistant
Best part of the job: I love building relationships with our customers. Even though it’s over the phone, I get to know them and take care of them. It’s great to hear about their families. Sometimes they will call me just to tell me how things are going.
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my four granddaughters
Hidden Talent: Shopper extraordinaire!
customer call:
Occasionally we get calls from customers saying their cold therapy units aren't working. After going through some troubleshooting, we find out they didn’t put ice and water in the unit.
Favorite Breg Product: The Vectra Air Premium Walker! I broke my fibula in two places and was originally put in a cast. It was so uncomfortable that I asked my doctor about wearing a walker boot. The Vectra is so comfortable: it's heaven.
360° Customer Care means: We hate to tell customers, "No." 360° Customer Care means listening to customer needs and finding the right solutions that will work for them.
"I've worked closely with Lisa for many years. She is caring & considerate of customers who call in, and of all of us around her. Lisa is a fun-loving person. I think that comes across over the phone, which is one of the reasons her customers love her."
- Susan Carey, Breg Applications Support Specialist