About Foot/Ankle Bracing

There are two categories of bracing for the foot and ankle. Ankle braces and walker boots are designed to support, stabilize, immobilize or limit the range of motion of the foot and ankle either post-surgery or post-injury.

Ankle braces are used to protect the ankle during sports or post-injury to provide stability. They come in a variety of styles and materials, varying from soft fabric to very rigid.

Walker boots, an alternative to casting, are used post-surgery or after trauma. Walker boots cover the foot and the ankle, sometimes coming up as high as the knee. They are sometimes preferred to casting because they can be removed so patients can perform rehabilitation exercises and make hygiene cleansing easier.

The type of brace or walker boot used is dependent upon physician protocols and indications.

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If you and your doctor have decided surgery is the best treatment for you, your options may include surgery to repair or remove damaged tissue, fusion of bones or ankle replacement surgery. To learn about more about these and other surgical procedures, view the videos, below.

Other non-surgical options to help manage pain and joint instability: cold therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Cold Therapy: Ranging from simple ice packs to motorized cold therapy (an insulated cooler with a pump and pads that deliver cold to specific joints), your doctor may suggest using cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling of an injured joint. All cold therapy, including ice, can be cold enough to damage your skin, so regardless of what kind of cold therapy you use, follow your doctor's instructions.

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Exercises for Joint Rehabilitation: Your doctor may recommend exercises to help enhance your recovery. This may include exercises for stretching to gradually increase range of motion, strengthening to regain joint function and proprioception to help with balance and core stability.

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