About Hip Bracing

Hip braces are stabilizing supports that help keep your hip in the correct position and limit mobility while the hip heals following an injury or surgery. The type of brace you use will depend on the type of injury you have and should be determined by your doctor.

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Hip arthroscopy (hip surgery) is one of the fastest growing procedures with an estimated 70,000 performed in the U.S. each year. Hip surgery may be a consideration if hip pain becomes severe and doesn’t respond to other treatments. It may also be required to fix a facture. Only you and your doctor can determine if you need surgery to repair or replace a hip. To learn more about surgical procedures for the hip, view the videos below.

Other non-surgical options to help manage hip pain include cold therapy. Ranging from simple ice packs to motorized cold therapy (an insulated cooler with a pump and pads that deliver cold to specific joints), your doctor may suggest using cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling of an injured joint. All cold therapy, including ice, can be cold enough to damage your skin, so regardless of what kind of cold therapy you use, follow your doctor's instructions.

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