Polar Care Glacier

The Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System balances the needs of the patient and the clinician. Its easy to use, feature-rich design makes it a great choice for hospital use. Depending on your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of a little ice and water, your patients can enjoy up to 8-11 hours of motorized cold therapy according to their own comfort level.

Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy units must be prescribed by a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.

Common Examples of Use

  • Post Operative
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy

Product Features

  • High flow rates ensure even temperature distribution
  • Whisper-quiet pump technology allows your patient to rest easy
  • Durable, powerful construction provides peace of mind
  • Best-in-class therapy time and weight balance increases a nurse's efficiency
  • Temperature control allows the physician to adjust the protocol to the individual patient

Part Numbers

Part # Description
10901Polar Care Glacier
Combo Units - PC Glacier with Pad (includes Glacier & 1 single patient use pad)
10902PC Glacier with Knee/Shoulder Polar Pad Combo
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
10904PC Glacier with Multi-Use XL Polar Pad Combo
02348Polar Dressing, Multi-Use
10905PC Glacier with Knee Wrapon Combo
04708Polar Dressing, Knee L
10906PC Glacier with WrapOn Knee Large Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Knee L
10907PC Glacier with WrapOn Knee XL Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Knee L
10908PC Glacier with WrapOn Multi-Use XL Pad
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10909PC Glacier with WrapOn Multi-Use XL Pad with Long Stem
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10911PC Glacier with WrapOn Shoulder Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Shoulder L
10912PC Glacier with WrapOn Shoulder XL Pad
04918Polar Dressing, XL Shoulder
10913PC Glacier with WrapOn Ankle Pad
02508Polar Dressing, Ankle
10914PC Glacier with WrapOn Hip Pad
10680Polar Dressing, Knee L
10698 Replacement Power Supply
10670Compression strap (60" Long)
07640PC Y Adaptor
099154ft Extension Tube