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Breg's Freestyle™ OA Knee Brace

Fusion Lateral OA Plus Knee Brace

Sizes: s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

The Fusion Lateral OA Plus brace features a streamlined frame with an innovative, slim thumbwheel dial. Designed to provide lateral off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis patients. The Fusion Lateral OA Plus incorporates an offset gauge that clearly displays the amount of load applied in half-millimeter increments.

Learn more about knee osteoarthritis.

Common Examples of Use

  • Unicompartmental OA-lateral
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscal procedures

Product Features

  • AirTech® Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Innovative thumbwheel dial makes precision off-loading adjustments easy – no tools required
  • PivotPoint straps provide superior comfort during motion
  • Cushioned straps and pads increase comfort
  • ProForm technology offers contoured fit and maximum protection
  • Sleek frame design provides unhindered mobility

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01302Fusion Lateral OA Plus Custom
01303Fusion Lateral OA Plus Custom, Color/Pattern Option
077XXFusion Lateral OA Plus Prefabricated, Left
079XXFusion Lateral OA Plus Prefabricated, Right
759XXFusion Lateral OA Plus, Refurbish, Left*
797XXFusion Lateral OA Plus, Refurbish, Right*

* Refurb kit includes 2 stop sets, frame pads with hook and loop fasteners, straps and instructions

Product Sizing Chart

Fusion Lateral OA Plus Knee Brace Sizing Chart