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Breg's shoulder braces and immobilizers make daily activities -- and compliance -- easier for patients.

Breg's Slingshot® 3 shoulder brace

Classic Arm Sling Universal

Sizes: universal

The Classic Arm Sling Universal is a one size fits all envelope sling. This sling can be folded to proper length to accommodate most patients. It has a soft foam pad at the neck for patient comfort and a thumb loop to prevent migration.

Common Examples of Use

  • Shoulder injuries or instabilities
  • Arthroscopic repair

Product Features

  • Can be folded to proper length to accommodate most patients
  • No trimming necessary
  • Slide buckle on strap for easy adjustment
  • Neck pad on shoulder strap for comfort
  • Hook and loop closure

Part Numbers

Part # Description
08007Classic Arm Sling Universal